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CD: Marcy. I'm Coming Home
Marcelino Bautista
Einband:CD mit Textheft

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11 bekannte Songs des längjährigen Gen-Rosso-Sängers.
Mit beiliegendem Textheftchen.

“I'm Coming Home” finally. After long years where I thought making music was already a far fetched dream due to many difficulties I have traversed, including a serious illness which threatened my life, I have at last, completed this first solo album of mine. My coming home, not only to the profession I so much love, but also going back to the place where I grew up, where I learned how to live Life, my heaven on earth.
I have included in this Album songs that shaped my being as an person and an artist, that accompanied my life in the past and the present times. These songs have also been a vital part of many of you, you who encouraged me so much to sing again, you who convinced me that “I Can Win”.
Marcelino Bautista

01. My life for you
02. A poem for you
03. Every time
04. I can win
05. Inspiration
06. I love you
07. Give love
08. You came by my way
09. I'm coming home
10. Oh Holy Night
11. For a friend